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We don't just build websites but create corporate identity and complete online strategies and solutions. We analyze our clients' needs (products, services, markets and actual marketing plans), then develop targeted e-business solutions. These efforts include corporate branding and judicious positioning of products within niche markets to define a global web presence. A website serves little use if it does not convert visitors into clients. Our strategies maximize customer revenue potential. A strong brand is invaluable as it is the foundational piece in your communication to your clients.

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Englishmetro logo

English Metro is an online virtual English academy combining the use of the advanced E-learning platform of Academic Systems together with its proprietary and specialized English as a second language teaching methodology. The innovative web-based academy makes extensive use of state-of-the-art interactive multimedia E-learning material, integrating text, visualization, animation and voice. This allows the material to be available in a highly interactive and realistic manner. English Metro offers a comprehensive 8 level English as a Second Language teaching program sanctioned by various departments of educations in the US, putting an emphasis on speaking ability through online video conferencing conversation classes.

Acadsys logo

Academic Systems is an innovative E-learning web-based software and multimedia company. The company offers comprehensive solutions. First, an online Learning Management System allowing anyone to create a virtual teaching and training center, and manage classes and students. Second, a flex-based virtual classroom system allowing students to interact with game-like teaching material and assessment. These are state-of-the-art interactive multimedia E-learning /teaching material, integrating text, visualization, animation and voice. Third, online video conferencing management system. The platform can be used by schools and colleges for actual distant E-teaching, and corporations and institutions to automate training.

Quantrisk logo

QuantRisk is a leading provider of next generation web-based real-time Energy and Enterprise Trading and Risk Management Systems (ETRM). These are multi-tiers scalable enterprise systems managing many operational areas, including real-time mission critics scheduling and trading activities and data transfer and management functionality. They perform a wide area of financial tasks, such as transaction settlement, clearing, billing and invoicing of the trades. The high-performance computing portfolio management system, performs sophisticated mathematical modeling and computations. The systems come with advanced audit trail and security features.